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Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions



1. DRIVER’S LICENSE: The driver’s license must have been issued for at least a year prior to the rental date.
2. DRIVER’S AGE: The driver of the rental car must be at least 21 years old for all car categories, except for categories D, F & G for which a minimum age of 25 years is required. Drivers under the age of 25, regardless of car category, are subject to an additional fee of €10 per day, with a maximum charge of €100, plus VAT, per rental contract.
3. CREDIT CARD: A credit card is required to rent a car. The name of the main driver and the cardholder’s name should be the same and be provided upon picking up the car.
4. PAYMENT METHODS: Payment for your rented vehicle can be made with cash or with debit/credit card. Exceptions: American Express. A credit card is always required for every car rental, as a guarantee, even if the renter pays the rental in cash.
5. TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS: Fines and any other consequences of violations of the Highway Code are entirely and exclusively responsibility of the renter of the car.
6. OFF-ROAD DRIVING: Limnos Car Rental vehicles should be driven on paved roads. The use of the rented car on unpaved roads is under the responsibility of the renter. If the car is returned in an excessively dirty condition or the cabin is dirty/stained, the renter will be charged a reasonable amount as a cleaning fee.
7. FUEL POLICY: The rented car should be returned with the same amount of fuel as it was collected. In case the renter, upon returning the car, has consumed more than the total amount of fuel in the car, the renter will be charged the cost of the fuel consumed, plus VAT.
8. ONLINE BOOKING – BY CLICKING THE ACCEPT BOX as part of the booking process, you agree and are bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement with Limnos Car Rental. Limnos Car Rental will then issue the reservation voucher and it will be sent to you via e-mail to complete your vehicle reservation. You can then redeem your voucher at the agreed pick-up location where you will pick up your car.
9. RESERVATION DEPOSIT You must pay the required deposit associated with your reservation.
10. EXTRA SERVICES Any other optional equipment and services (eg additional drivers, extra insurance, fuel, extra days) will incur additional charges, payable either on collection or return of the vehicle. Additional charges may also apply when collecting your car in case you are under 25 years of age.
11. CANCELLATION POLICY You can cancel or modify your reservation with no extra charge for up to 21 days before the start of the rental. If you cancel or modify the reservation within 21 days before the start of the rental, the cancellation fee will be equal to the total price of the reservation. If you do not collect your car and you do not cancel, there will be no refund and the amount of the rental deposit will be held as compensation. In order to get a refund of the amount you have paid for the reservation (if you are entitled to a refund) you should send your request to requesting the refundable amount. It may take up to 14 days for the refund to be completed, after your written request. We are not responsible for the length of time your Bank takes to complete the refund.
12. RESERVATION AMENDMENT Subject to availability and subject to the restrictions listed below, you may change your reservation at any time up to and including the time of rental by writing to or by phone at (+30)2254023777
a) If you modify your reservation and the new amount is higher than the value of your reservation, you will be charged the difference based on the current rates and the excess amount will be payable upon collection of the car.
b) If the cost of the amended reservation is lower than the value of the existing reservation, no refund will be made. The same applies if the rental amount ends up being less than what has been prepaid.

IMPORTANT: A credit card is required in order to rent a car. The name of the main driver and the cardholder’s name should be the same and be provided upon picking up the car. Prepaid and American Express cards are not accepted. The card will be authorized at the time of rental. In the event the credit card is not approved upon collection of the car, there would be no possibility of rental.


1. DROP OFF AT THE AIRPORT: In case the rented vehicle has been collected from the central office and drop off is at the airport station, there is an additional fee of €15, plus VAT.
2. OUT OF OFFICE PICK UP/DROP OFF: Collection and drop off of the rented car is made upon agreement with an extra charge of €0.75 per kilometer, plus VAT. The minimum charge for the Pick Up/Drop off service is €18, plus VAT.
3. AFTER HOURS COLLECTION: The fee for picking up a car outside of regular business hours is €15, plus VAT.
4. ADDITIONAL DRIVER: The charge for the use of the car by additional drivers is €4.5 per day with a maximum charge of €45, per contract, per driver.
5. CHILD SEATS: Child seats for use by renters are available upon reservation. The charge is €4.5 per day with a maximum charge of €45, per person, per contract.
6. GRACE PERIOD: One rental day is calculated to be 25 hours. The renter has the option to continue the rental up to 26 hours and 30 minutes for a third of the daily cost. If the rental exceeds this period, then an additional rental day will be charged.